Question from a Writer: Different Versions of Stories

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, so I’d like to know if anyone has the same idea, or if readers want/don’t want this sort of story, I’d like to know before writing and publishing on Amazon.

As a reader, I yet to experience (thankfully) the heartbreaking death of the pairing I’ve been rooting for since the moment the characters met from actual death or my NOTP becoming canon.  Still, I’ve seen the remnants of shippers’ hearts plastered all over the internet, tears staining the pages of their fanfiction.

For those who play otome/moe/dating simulators, there is the tragedy of having a character who’s story you are dying to know, the attractiveness, humor, dialogue, and overall appeal creating the craving of a route for them to exist, but for whatever reason will take a minimum of months to be created at best, at worst will remain nonexistent.

At least in those game’s there’s the benefit of reading a story with a variety of romances and perspectives, or reading a new story but in the same universe.  I’ll admit that I’ve had my share of experiences with those games, as they have their own addictive story lines and characters that leave you swooning every time they are on screen.

So, here is my question: what do you think of a single story, but different versions based on who the MC ends up with being published as well?  These stories will be separately published as the pairings change, creating an alternate reality based in the same universe.  I understand that there will be readers who think this is lazy, but I’m curious as I wouldn’t mind experimenting with my writing a little bit.

Also, are there any experiences you’ve had where your pairing in either a book, series, movie, or other fandom don’t end up together?

I look forward to reading your comments.